Hi my name is π”₯𝔦𝔀π”₯ and welcome to the very unofficial Sketchful.io word list website! Here I upload every custom word list that gets sent to the Sketchful.io Discord. If you have any suggestions or if you have word lists you want upload yourself then you can send your lists to [email protected], or you can send me a message in the Discord (@High).

You can choose the background for your own lists and if you send a lot of lists then I will send you some free games in return, as a thank you ❤. Once we have enough word lists I will update the design, make a mobile version and take out all the graphical bugs.

And before I forget, we’re having a little contest where you can win some PC games. Here are the rules: Sketchful Contest Rules.
(You can ask any questions you have on the Sketchful.io Discord)

- Thanks for visiting my website! (04/01/2020)

Update #1

A quick update: We have a new domain name words.sketchful.io.

I'm going to rebuild the website next month, add new features and last but not least we have a new channel in the sketchful discord where you can post your word lists (#wordlists).
I also added 10+ new lists to the website! (21/01/2020)